Toddler Photography Friday!

Josh gets ready to snap a few shots.

Our youngest photojournalist Josh gets ready to snap a few shots.

Its Toddler Photography Friday!!

Things have been crazy around here, but after a brief interruption, I’m back with “Toddler Photography Friday!” Zack and Josh love taking pictures, so I thought I’d kick off the weekend right and share more of their handiwork with everyone.

“We need more photos!” Taken by Josh, age 2

“We need more photos!” Taken by Josh (age 2)

Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re obsessed with pictures around here. On our giant living room wall are framed pictures of the boys at various ages. Lately they’ve taken to demanding that we update our collection with even more pictures of them. I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t have any recent pictures up yet or that they are tiny egomaniacs that just want to see more of themselves. I suspect it’s the later.

“The Happy Disaster!” Taken by Zack (age 2)

“The Happy Disaster” Taken by Zack (age 2)

Ever the neat freak, Zack snapped this photo of his little brother Josh (7 months) covered in baby food. Unlike most children, Josh never quite outgrew this stage and continues to eat like a pig. Covered head to toe in food is his natural state. I’m just surprised he doesn’t have more of it up his nose.

“Ignore that guy... I’m the real ‘sexist man alive’!” Taken by Josh (age 17 months)

“Ignore that guy… I’m the real ‘sexist man alive’!” Taken by Josh (age 17 months)

While my wife and I watch “the Voice” Josh takes a ‘selfie’ letting us all know that Adam Levine doesn’t stand a chance against the power of his cuteness. J might not have been voted People Magazine’s “sexist man”, but he sure has the ego for it.

“The Right Hand of Doom” Taken by Zack (age 4)

“The Right Hand of Doom” Taken by Zack (age 4)

Zack captures the moment just before his little brother Josh obliterates his Lego tower. Don’t worry, since then many, many more towers have been built in its place (followed by many, many more obliterations).

Well that’s it for Toddler Photography this week.

Life has been pretty chaotic lately (blog entry about it soon), but I’m hopeful that I’ll get back to posting more regularly. Thanks for your patience.

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