Parenting with one arm tied behind my back.

Well not really behind my back, it’s in a sling, but I’m still stuck with just one arm for the next couple weeks. The only reason I’m able to write this now because I used my iPhone and uploaded it from there to my blog.

In the days ahead there will be a lot of challenges. Everything from getting the boys dressed and fed in the morning to changing Josh’s messy diapers is going to be tough.

Zack snapped this shot of me trying to corral his little brother with just one arm.

Zack snapped this shot of me trying to corral his little brother with just one arm.

So what exactly happened to me? I had a repetitive stress injury, “medial epicondylitis” which is a fancy term for “Golfer’s elbow” and my ulna nerve (your “funny bone”) had become displaced. After living with the pain for the better part of a year and a half I finally underwent the corrective surgery to remove scar tissue and return my nerve to its proper track.

The weeks leading up to the surgery have been a blur. Knowing that I would be unable to do manual labor afterwards, I rushed to get all my “honey-do” jobs done. Not the least if which was building new furniture for the boys.

No more beating myself up doing tasks around the house. For the first time ever I’m going to have to pay someone to mow our lawn because I won’t be able to push the mower. The rest of my jobs around here are just going to have to wait.

Final assembly of the boys' beds. Thanks to my "helpers" I got it done in time.

Final assembly of the boys’ beds. Thanks to my “helpers” I got it done just in time.

These first few days after surgery while I’m still drugged out of my gourd I’ll have help with me all day. But Starting next week I’ll be on my own for part of the time. That’s what scares me.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed the boys will continue to take it easy on me. So far they’ve been pretty accommodating not to climb on me or wrestle like we normally do. Zack has being a great help bringing me pillows to prop up my arm and fetching me glasses of water. Even little Josh has been patient with me, pointing out “Daddy’s boo-boo” and not touching my arm.

Another of Zack's photos. This is how my kids see me now.

Another of Zack’s photos. This is how my kids see me now.

Just a few days into April and it’s already proving to be a crazy month. With all that’s happened in these few short days, its hard to imagine it’ll only get crazier. We’ve already survived building bedroom furniture, surgery, the boys sharing a room, and Dad being home all the time.  In the days ahead we’ll be preparing for the baby’s arrival, starting physical therapy, setting up the nursery, welcoming visiting family, Andrew’s birth, and more, and all this with one arm tied behind my back (er… in a sling).

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